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Is an outdoor kitchen and backyard living room right for your home?

by steve djurasek on 04/01/15

Outdoor living is a growing trend as more people transform their backyards into extensions of their homes.   People are now taking their kitchen outside to enjoy the natural ambiance of the outdoors while cooking and entertaining.  If you enjoy entertaining, you should highly consider adding an outdoor kitchen and patio area in your back yard to get the most out of your property.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when designing your outdoor living space.

What’s the climate like where you live? 

            Where you live will determine how often your outdoor space will be used.  Depending on the climate, you can make adjustments and add features like fireplaces and coverings as well as fire pits to extend the use of your space.


What kinds of materials will you be using?

            Since this kitchen will be outdoors, you will want to use quality materials that can withstand all types of weather.  We can help you choose materials that fit your budget and withstand the elements for all types of weather.  The last thing you want is for it to fall to pieces at the first rainstorm because you skimped out on materials. 


What additional features would you like? 

            Once you have figured out a budget you may be able to enhance your space with landscaping, electronics, additional appliances and lighting.  Remember, this is an additional space where you will be spending quality time with your family and friends and even hosting your next party. 


Outdoor kitchens can also be a great investment opportunity for your home.  On average they can bring up to a 70-80% return on investment (ROI).  In some instances they have received 100-200% ROI! 

Let our team of designers, architects, builders, masons, landscapers and contractors help you with concept, design, and completion of your Outdoor Living Space. 

Thinking about Installing Antique Barn Wood in your Home?

by steve djurasek on 02/05/15

Recycled antique barn wood siding is one of the hottest materials in interior decorating today.  Grey barn siding is considered a neutral color and therefore is the most sought after of all the colors by homeowners and decorators.  Barn siding is environmentally responsible, beautiful and unique.  No two pieces will be the same.  It can also add value to your home.

Have you ever wondered where barn siding comes from?  Most barn siding comes from century old structures, barns, factories and buildings that are no longer functional.  Each board is carefully removed so that it may be reused as close to its “original state” as possible.    

Depending on where the wood was recovered from determines the color and texture of the wood.   Reclaimed barn wood siding usually has a raised grain with a grey or brown patina on its original face.  If a structure was sitting in the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc) it will appear more weathered than a structure that had been covered by trees most of its life. 

Barn Siding is a limited resource and tends to be more expensive that other types of wood.  This is why we have manufactured a replica of antique barn wood siding.  http://www.woodboardsandbeams.com/Reclaimed_Siding.html

Our new siding generally runs half the price of reclaimed barn wood and is readily available in large quantities.    Either one you choose will be sure to brighten up your space.

Timber Framing Advantages

by steve djurasek on 01/22/15

Many people have wondered what the benefits and advantages are to timber framing.  In this blog I hope to clarify.  Besides being structurally sound and energy efficient, they are extremely durable and can withstand the test of time. 

These structures have withstood hurricanes, earthquakes and even tsunamis due to the use of timbers and also the mortise and tenon joinery design.  They are much more resistant to damage from winds and heavy snow loads than a traditional light stick framed construction. 

Most contemporary timber frame houses use structural insulated panels (SIPS) which are fastened to the outside of the frame so the beautiful heavy timbers are exposed in the interior.  They also have the ability to adapt to floor plans and illuminate the home with plenty of natural light. Who doesn’t love natural light, right? 

Timber frame structures such as homes, buildings, pavilions, barns and bridges are also extremely customizable in design.  Due to the timber frames strong exterior, no walls are necessary enabling your home to have large open spaces.  When building timber frames, the structures weight lies on the strong and durable exterior frame.  This is the opposite when building with conventional frame or “stick” method. 

Keep in mind when you buy timbers from a sawmill it is more economical than buying finished lumber.  And timber framing is by far less tedious than regular stick construction. 

So it is certainly clear that there are many advantages to building timber frame structures as opposed to traditional stick framed construction.  This is definitely a great way to “building green” and increasing efficiency for our future. 

Wood Slabs Coming Soon From Costa Rica

by steve djurasek on 01/16/15

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to Costa Rica in search of some really unique wood. What I found was truly amazing! The forestry was brilliant with radiant colors and huge timbers. Along my journey I encountered Sura wood, Teak, Almendro, Ipe, Laurel, Guapinol, and Cedro Macho. I purchased a ton of this wood and am bringing it all back to my shop. Check back periodically to see when these exotic woods arrive. Also keep a look out we will be posting future projects using this wood. :)

We just found out that the containers are due to arrive on or around January 19.  Since this is our first international container it will most likely be delayed by customs.  We hope to have it in our shop by the end of the month!