Reclaimed Siding

Choose from New & Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding for Interior and Exterior Applications.  All reclaimed siding material will be supplied in random widths (RW) from 3" to 12" and random lengths (RL) from 3'-16' with a uniformed thickness and a tongue & grooved edge for easy installation.  
skip plane barn siding
Skip Planed Barn Siding
$9.50/Per Square Foot
brown siding
Brown Board Siding
$9.00/Per Square Foot
skip planed grey siding
Skip Planed Gray Board
$11.00/Per Square Foot
gray barn siding
Gray Barn Board Siding
$10.50/Per Square Foot
silver barn siding
Silver Gray Barn Siding
$12.00/Per Square Foot
grey and brown barn siding
Gray & Brown Board Mix
$9.75/Per Square Foot
heavy distressed brown board
Heavy Distressed Brown Siding 
$13.00/Per Sq. Foot
brown board with saw kerf marks
Brown Board w/ Saw Kerfs
$9.75/Per Square Foot
new wood art deco smooth
New Wood Art Deco
$6.00/Per Square Foot
rough new wood art fedco
New Wood Art Deco
$5.50/Per Square Foot
new wire brush stain and finish
New Pine Wire Brush Finish & Stain 
$5.00/Per Square Foot
new finger joint pine stain and finish
New Finger Joint Fir w/ Stain 
$4.75/Per Square Foot
new butternut rough
New Butternut
$6.00/Per Square Foot
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new weathered pine
New Weathered 
$5.50/Per Square Foot
new ambrosia wormy maple
New Ambrosia
Wormy Maple
$6.50/Per Square Foot
HOURS: Monday - Friday  -  7:30am - 5:00pm
                    Saturday  -  8:00am - 1:00pm
        Sunday  -        CLOSED
               Appointment necessary after 5pm *    
new saw kerf original barn siding
New Saw Kerf Original Barn Siding
$3.00/Square Foot No T&G
$3.75/Square Foot W/T&G
new eathered brown board pine
New Weathered 
Brown Board Pine
$5.00/Per Square Foot
new saw kerf white wash pine
New Saw Kerf White Wash Pine
Random Width
3", 5", 7", 9", 11"
$5.50/Per Square Foot
brown board with white wash
Brown Board w/ White Wash
$11.50/Per Sq. Foot
New Sidings are made from new materials that are either aged , weathered, stained or distressed to replicate the look and feel of authentic Antique Reclaimed Sidings.

Our New siding materials are more prone to be longer lengths and wider widths then that of Reclaimed Sidings. From 8-16 feet long and 3-11 inches wide depending on material.
Limited Stock!
New Silver Gray Siding
$6.00/Per Square Foot
**All Siding is Milled to 3/4" Thickness** 

Standard 4' X 8' Sheets
1/4" - $56.75
1/2" - $71.50

4' X 10' 
1/2" - $104.00

4' X 12' 
1/2" - $123.50

MRI (Moisture Resistant)
4' X 8' Sheets
1/2" - $123.50 

4' X 8' 
1/2" - $132.48
new ambrosia wormy maple
New & Reclaimed Variegated Mix
$6.75/Per Square Foot
new ambrosia wormy maple
New Saw Kerf Pine with Mutli-Shade Golden Oak Stain  $6.75/Per Square Foot
Red Balau Ceiling Material
Red Balau T&G V-Groove Ceiling Material
$6.45/Per Square Foot
Meranti T&G Edge & Center Bead Board
$5.91/Square Foot
new ambrosia wormy maple
Meranti T&G  Edge Bead No Center 
$5.37/Square Foot
new ambrosia wormy maple
Western Red Cedar T&G V-Groove Rough Siding

new ambrosia wormy maple
Knotty Pine Center Bead 

new ambrosia wormy maple
Knotty Pine Center Bead 

1 x 4 - $0.80/LF
1 x 6 - $1.40/LF
1 x 8 - $2.10/LF
Clear A & Better
1 x 4 - $1.87/LF
1 x 6 - $2.87/LF
1 x 8 - $4.90/LF
1 x 6 - $0.70/LF
1 x 8 - $0.95/LF
1 x 6 - $0.70/LF
1 x 8 - $0.95/LF