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Got Big Wood?! From Soft to Hard ​​

Floating Shelves

Our shelves are made from solid Saw Kerf marked Pine and come with a high quality welded steel hidden mounting bracket. 
The bracket consists of a ¼” x 1” steel back plate with ½” steel rods welded to it on 12” centers. The shelves are only made with high quality solid wood, unlike many of our competitors, who use wood veneer and other inexpensive composite materials. The installation is fast and simple – mount our hidden bracket to your wall (making sure to fasten into your wall studs) and slide on the shelf (which has been bored to accept the ½” steel rods) which give the shelf its “floating” appearance but will be very sturdy on your wall. Installation should only take 15 to 20 minutes per shelf. Best of all, the shelves are extremely affordable!

These shelves can be paired together to create a continuous shelf, or can be attached to the wall as a standalone shelf. They are available in a 
variety of sizes from 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” & 96” in lengths and widths from 7-3/4”, 9-3/4” & 11-3/4”. Choose from 4 different color options: Weathered Grey, Light Brown, Dark Brown or the Natural no stain, no finish to  Do It Yourself . All other colors (besides natural) come with a matte finish.

Silver / Grey
​​Light Brown
​​Medium Brown
** Only 4 Standard colors available. Any custom lengths, widths & custom colors will result in additional charges. Prices could double or triple **
​​Pricing chart below is for Unfinished Natural Finish Shelves in various sizes. All pricing includes Mounting Hardware.
Pricing chart below is for Finished Stained Shelves w/matte finish. Standard colors are Silver/Gray, Light Brown & Medium Brown. Hardware Included.
Shelves are 1-7/8"-2" Thick
Custom Colors, Finishes & Sizes will result in additional charges.
 Boards & Beams will not guarantee exact match on custom colors.

** All of our shelves are produced on a Mass Production basis. Machines are setup for standard sizes and colors offered. If you wish to have a custom shelf made to your dimensions in a custom color the minimum rates will be 2X(double) our finished shelf prices. Please note that charges can exceed double the amount based on desired shelf specs.**
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